Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society (MITES)

 Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society (MITES) has supported both teachers and students in the areas of Industrial and Career & Technical education. MITES is a non-profit organization with over 600 members and volunteers who believe in the power of hands-on, relevant, and real-world learning. Students compete in regional, state and national skills-based competitions.

Students that compete in the MITES annual regional and state student competition must be from the class of a teacher with a current MITES membership. Students may compete in the areas of Wrought Metals (includes welding), Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Graphic Arts, and Machining. Projects are registered and submitted at the regional competition location specified on the MITES website for his or her region. Student projects placing in the top 4 in each category automatically go on to the state competition the following week, where places are awarded for best of division and the top ten awards in each category.