Health Occupations

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Occupations

What do you do in this class?

You learn a lot about systems of the body and patient care. This class is very hands-on with practical nursing skills.

Is this a one year or two year program?

Health Occupations is generally a two year program, and it is in the second year that there are extended work-based learning opportunities if you have completed all the requirements.

What did you wish you knew about this class prior to enrolling?

  • Work habits are very strict
  • Everything is a hands-on experience
  • This class is more based on nursing than anything else, yet there are tests, quizzes and homework too.There is some memorization required.
  • You will need transportation to get to the job sites.
  • There is a dress code.
  • You have to like working with people.

What makes this program outstanding?

It is very hands-on. Learning is easier when you learn it in a fun way like we do in Health Occupations. The job shadowing is awesome and the teachers are caring.

What makes this program interesting?

We go do different colleges and job sites to see what careers we are interested in.

Is there a student organization?

Yes, HOSA, or Health Occupations Students of America. We compete in events at the regional, state and national levels. We gain leadership and team building skills, too.