Health Occupations

Advisory Committee

Health Occupations

Each CACC program has a Program Advisory Committee made up of parents, currently enrolled students, alumni, and business and industry representatives related to the CACC program.

Program Advisory Committees may perform a wide variety of functions. These functions may include providing input to curriculum and instruction, program review, recruitment and job placement, student organizations, staff development, community/public relations, resources, and legislation.

Advisory Committee Members

Sheila Henderson, Parent Representative

Debbie VanNortwick, Parent Representative

Greg Planck, Student Representative

Sherrie Shannon, Human Resource Center, Ingham Regional Medical Center

Tina Richards, Human Resource Center, Ingham Regional Medical Center

Tina Gross, Dir., Acute Care Services, Specialty Hospital/St. Lawrence Campus

Kris Kloc, Ingham Co. Medical Care Facility

Sheila Henderson, RN

Chris Hornburg, RN

Cindy Dole, RN

Elaney Toy, Former Student

Sandra Teremi, Teacher/CPPS

Ann McLane, Instructor