Capital Area Healthcare Education Partnership (CAHEP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Capital Area Healthcare Education Partnership (CAHEP)

 What exactly is the CAHEP program?

It is a program/class held primarily at Sparrow Hospital or at Ingham Regional Medical Center for juniors and seniors who are interested in going into the healthcare field. You do not need to know what specific career you want to go into although it will help the instructor in finding a mentor that suits you best if you have an idea. While the classroom is at Sparrow Hospital or Ingham Regional Medical Center, you will be out at various healthcare facilities – hospitals, extended care, clinics, etc. learning about the different jobs and systems that make up the healthcare field.

Is CAHEP a one year or two year program?

One year.

What will you be learning about?

You will be learning about the healthcare system through guest speakers, research, mentoring, and doing job shadows. By the end of the year, you may know what you want to go into or just if healthcare is the thing for you.

What are the criteria for choosing who will be in the program? Are there any prerequisites?

You will be required to fill out an application and complete an essay describing why you are interested in healthcare. At an interview you will express why you feel this program is a good fit for you. There are no academic prerequisites, but you will need to be up to date on your immunizations, including Hepatitis B. You need to have a two step TB skin test that is negative. You will need to sign confidentiality agreements for all the facilities that you go to.

How will I learn the curriculum? Will we do a lot of hands on activities?

We learn through lectures, group projects, research, interviewing others, and guest speakers. Some learning is through hands on when applicable.

Will there be tests?

There will be all kinds of assessments, including tests, projects, presentations, and hands-on performance demonstrations.

What is the outcome of the program?

You will have more realistic information to base your career path decisions on. If you choose to go to LCC for your education, you will earn LCC articulated credits. You will be CPR certified.

What is the transportation to get there? Is transportation provided?

You must provide your own transportation, because you may be going to Sparrow or Ingham Regional as well as other healthcare facilities during the year.

Is this going to be classroom based or are we going to be out of the classroom more?

We will be both in classroom and out of classroom.

What do you do on a regular basis?

You are in a classroom located at Sparrow Hospital or Ingham regional Medical Center. The days vary - some days are whole class activities, others are independent where you do your own work, or out with mentors, or maybe out job shadowing.

What is provided to you?

A laptop computer for each student is available in the classroom to complete your projects, and some of the materials to complete projects and other activities. You are also given scrubs to wear and a polo shirt.

What kind of jobs will we be exploring/job shadowing?

Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dietary, Nursing, Management, Rehabilitation, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, and any other area a student might be interested in.

What does a mentor help us with?

They share valuable information about their jobs. They help you with what things you should look for in picking a career.

How much interaction will we have with the healthcare employees? Will we be able to work directly with the staff in treating patients?

It depends on your mentor whether or not you will be helping them in their everyday work habits and their specific responsibilities. You yourself will not be giving them treatments but your mentor may have you doing other hands-on activities with patients.

What types of job training would you be introduced to?

In this program you get introduced to several types of jobs. It is not necessarily specific, detailed training but it does give you and idea of how the job is done.

When and where do we wear certain outfits?

All CAHEP students wear scrubs everyday to class. Depending on where you are going, you may need to wear your polo shirt.

Are there any fees for this program?

No fees

Will the class get in the way with my extracurricular activities?

No, there is very little homework (if you use class time productively) and accommodations can be made for special curcumstances.

How will this class help me? And why should I take it?

CAHEP can help you find out which areas of healthcare really interest you. And you will have a deeper understanding of healthcare systems and how they work.

Will the program be helpful to my career interests and goals?

If you know that you are interested in the medical field, but don’t know what you want to do in the health care, this program allows you to research, job shadow, and just see all the opportunities that the health care has. It gives you chances to further your knowledge of what you want to pursue.

What are some of the advantages and opportunities that the program will provide?

You will get the “real life” look at healthcare and so you will have a better idea of what you want to do. You also earn LCC credit.

What kind of credits will I receive? Will they go to my high school or college?

The credits you get for your home school vary from school to school. Some schools consider it a elective credits and others may consider it a math credit. As far as college credits go, you can receive college credits but you need to check with the instructor on the requirements that need to be completed in order to receive the credits, and to which college the credits currently apply. Lansing Community College currently awards CAHEP students credits if they successfully complete the requirements.

What is the best part of the program?

The best part of the program would be the chance to further searching and researching jobs that you have interest in. Also job shadowing is fun and allows you to see first hand what the job entitles. Another plus about this program is being in the hospital every day. It gives you a work based feeling.