Advisory Committee


Each CACC program has a Program Advisory Committee made up of parents, currently enrolled students, alumni, and business and industry representatives related to the CACC program.

Program Advisory Committees may perform a wide variety of functions. These functions may include providing input to curriculum and instruction, program review, recruitment and job placement, student organizations, staff development, community/public relations, resources, and legislation.

Advisory Committee Members

Leo Wantor, Advisory Committee Chairman 

Craig Barnes

George Gibson

Joe Hoesl

William Mumford, Production Welding Systems, Inc.

Gabe Purdy, Student Representative

Sally Purdy, Parent Representative

Fred Richard

Ken Wallace, Chief Engineer, Demmer Corp.

Jeff Bohl, Principal, CACC

Jack Brown, Associate Principal, CACC

Chris Eaton, Curriculum Coordinator

Jeff Grossman, Instructor

Scott Poe, Instructional Assistant