Construction Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Technology
Is this a one or two year program?

Construction is a one or two year program. During the first year, students will work and develop skills in a number of related construction trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall and painting). During the second year students will work on special projects.

Do I have to have construction experience?

The first year of Construction Technology requires no prior experience.

Do I need my own tools?

No; tools and material will be supplied. You will need to provide proper clothing such as boots, coats, gloves, etc.

Do we have to do school work in your program?

Yes, we stress the importance of strong academic skills to make you a better employee. However, it makes much more sense to you when you are applying academics as you work.

Can I take the class even if I don't want to do it for a living?

Yes; you will be held to the same standards no matter what your plans are after graduation.

Why should I take Construction?

Students that take construction are better prepared to enter the work force or continue on with additional education. Students learn construction skills coupled with logic skills, work habits and just how to become a more independent person.