Aviation Academy

The Aviation Academy opens the doors for students that have the desire and passion to fly.  Content areas in this program will include; weather, air space, aerodynamics, physics, flight planning, weight/balance/velocity, Air Traffic Controller communications and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.  Students will hear from guest speakers in a variety of roles in the industry and travel regularly to Mason Jewett Airport for hands-on experiences as well as ground school training.

This program will be a partnership with Crosswinds Aviation and students will have the option of earning their private pilot license at their own expense outside of class time at Capital Region International Airport. This opportunity can save any student who plans to continue their study of aviation in college thousands of dollars in the long run.  For more information on the private pilot license, visit

Students will be prepared to take the private pilot written exam and instrument pilot written exam in this program.  Both of these exams are FAA approved tests, required for any pilot should they choose to do so.

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