Automotive Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive Technology

Is Auto Tech a one year or two year program?

One for entry level jobs, two for certifications, apprenticeships & articulation with colleges.

What do students do in year one?

Quick Service and General Service work such as fluid services, tire mounting and balancing, general brakes, alignment, electrical and engine work.

What do students do in year two?

Specialize in Brakes, Steering & Suspension, Electrical, Engine Performance, Engine Repair or Heating & A/C and work to receive state certification.

Can students work on their own vehicles?

Yes, most Fridays if class work for the week is done.

Where do students work and what do they do?

Quick Lubes, Independent Garages & Dealerships.

What credit substitution is available?

Fourth year Math.

Do we get a discount on auto parts?

Yes, through Auto Value, Carquest & NAPA.

What is the Motorsports team?

After school club for those interested in building, drag racing and showing high performance vehicles.

Can students drive the Motorsports vehicles?

Yes.Six students each year are selected and compete for the driver's spots.

What kind of field trips do the Auto Tech Program go on?

It varies from year to year. Have gone to LCC, JCC, Ferris State University, Local Dealerships, Detroit International Auto Show and Autorama.

How much hands-on work vs. class work?

Hands-on vs. 25% classwork.

What does a typical day look like in Auto Tech?

Classroom/lecture for 1st half hour, rest of the time working in the lab.

How do I turn in work and how do I get graded?

Record your work on a weekly sheet and turn in. Grade is based on: 50% hours (individual learning modules done in the lab, customer work), 40% work habits like attendance, safety, equipment care, etc. 10% tests & quizzes

Do I need my own tools?

No. Hand tools and other specialized equipment are provided.

When do you work on customer cars?

In various points throughout the curriculum.

What kind of certifications can I get?

State of Michigan Certification in: Brakes, Steering & Suspension, Electrical, Engine Performance, Engine Repair & Heating & A/C.

How much applied academic work in involved?


What student organizations are available and why should I join?

We compete in the annual MITES (Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Society) and Ford/AAA skills competition where scholarships are available from various post secondary schools.

The Motorsports Team is available to anyone in the Auto Tech class. Prizes and sometimes scholarships are available to winners, and it's just plain fun.

Are there any costs to the student?

Must provide work boots.

Do I need a uniform?


Do I need a driver's license?

Not absolutely necessary, but helpful in order to move cars. One is required for work experiences outside class. A clean driving record (no more than 2 points) is crucial to future job placement!