Programming, Databases, and Website Development

Frequently Asked Questions


 I want to know more about website design, what does this program offer?

A: Students learn web design and customer skills working on customer projects. The ability for students to create websites using "handwritten" HTML and CSS is emphasized. Students learn to use business software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and JavaScript to create websites. Students learn to create database driven websites using PHP, MySQL, ASP.Net and SQL Server. Students use Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks and Audio & Video editing software to enhance their web site. With parental permission, student work will be displayed on the class website.

I've always been interested in how video games are created, will I learn more about programming language in this class?

Using the latest computers and software, students complete projects using Basic, Visual Basic. NET, C++ and C# to learn programming fundamentals as well as more advanced skills. As a member of Microsoft's Academic Alliance we have the latest Microsoft programming, database and web software. We also receive monthly updates to ensure students are using the latest software and learning skills that businesses are using. Computer Game programming skills are learned using software such as BlitzBasic, Dark Basic, GameMaker and Game Studio. Students use 3-D modeling and rendering software such as Maya and 3dsMax to create game characters, and environments.

How does learning how to design video games prepare me for a future in the technology industry?

Students are able to learn how to program in an environment that is fun for them. They can then take this skill they have learned and apply the programming language to other projects and programs in their future careers.