Programming, Databases, and Website Development

Programming, Databases, and Website Development

Do you like to use computers to create and build websites or your own programs? Are you creative? Are you mechanical? In today's modern world we have the opportunity to use together all of these skills and interests, which were considered very different in the past. Luckily, those opportunities are amazing: Websites, databases, robotics, software development-all important in today's economy, all exciting careers for today's brightest workers.

This course prepares students to be the brightest and the best at these careers. How? Students develop the skills and knowledge to do well in the job of their dreams. That's not all. The path to employment can be a tricky one. Therefore, students also receive the assistance and confidence they need to plan out their future education, develop a resume and portfolio, prepare for interviews and apply for college and scholarships.

This course is open to juniors and seniors and is located at the Capital Area Career Center in Mason, MI.

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Programming & Mobile Apps 2015-16 End of Year Survey 

Programming and mobile applications Possible Career Fields

Graduates may continue into two- or four-year technology degree programs in college or at video game programming schools.

  • Robotics
  • Website development/programming         
  • Business entrepreneur
  • Game programming        
  • Website programmer
  • Programmer
  • Database analyst

Student Quote: Becky Hosler, Mason High School 

"My experience at the Career Center has taught me how to manage my work and progress in 3D modeling. Computer Programming, Databases and Website Development is really a great class because it enables students to work with a variety of programs. It's very diverse and not many students would have the opportunity to work with software programs that meet their interests because of the expense. I'm very grateful to have had this chance and would recommend it to anyone else who is interested."



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