New Media

Frequently Asked Questions

New Media

What do you do in New Media? 

1st year students are introduced to various fields in the Arts & Communications using business & industry tools.

Is (New Media) a one year or two year program?


Why should I take New Media? 

Do you love art?  Do you love music?  Do you love acting?  Do you love movies? Then you will love New Medias

Is there a fee in New Media?


How will New Media help me in college? 

You will develop a strong portfolio using several different industry standard tools and develop your artistic style to help gain admission to postsecondary education in the Arts & Communications field.

Where do students work and what do they do?

Students work with clients.  Client work can be in forms of print material (posters, newsletters, brochures, etc.) commercials (radio or TV) photography, interactive CD, web design; there are many different opportunities that are available in the areas of Arts & Communications.

Is credit substitution available? 

Yes, high school credit substitution is available. College credit can also be earned. Check here for the most up-to-date information about credit options.

What kinds of jobs will (New Media) prepare me for?

You will likely require postsecondary education.  Examples of jobs would include graphic designer, web designer, animator, photographer, visual effects, editor, director, cinematographer, video producer, audio producer, foley (sound effects), composer (score music to movies), anything pertaining to the Arts & Communications industry.

What is SkillsUSA?

SkillsUSA is a national competition in which students compete each other in media-related contests.

Do you enter any other competitions or festivals?

Yes, students enter their work in a variety of festivals and shows.