Modifications to Program Requirements

Excerpt from the State of Michigan CTE Administrative Guide

Modifications to Program Requirements and Student Ability to Benefit

Modifications to program requirements for students with an IEP are required unless such modifications would significantly change the nature of the program or create nonconformity with employment and/or licensing requirements. Modifications (as compared to accomodations) eliminate or decrease the standards necessary for program completion, employment of job retention. In such cases, students may remain in the CTE instruction free appropriate public education (FAPE) and whether it continues to be an appropriate placement for the student is ultimately an IEP team decision. There are many workplace and employment skills that students will gain from participation in a CTE program with such modifications. However, if the student remains in the program with significant modifications and they are unable to complete all program standards, unable to pass the technical skills assessment or cannot earn industry certification, they would not receive credit for the courses that make up the program.