Educational Development Plan

About Educational Development Plans (EDPS)

Educational Development Plans (EDPs) are part of a larger, more comprehensive academic and career planning process that all 7th - 12th graders must complete and review/revise annually. Ingham Intermediate School District provides the funds for Ingham County students to utilize a product called Career Cruising.

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Career Cruising

Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help our students plan their future. With assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information, students move seamlessly through the academic and career planning process. At the same time, we have access to the real-time information and statistics we need to track our students' progress and achievement.

Assessment Tools

  • Career Matchmaker is based on an internationally acclaimed interest assessment that match student interest to careers.
  • My Skills component matches students' skills to careers.
  • Personalized Feedback helps students understand how careers relate to their skills and interests

Career Exploration

Hundreds of detailed occupation profiles can be easily accessed-everything from Actuary to Zoologist-including job descriptions, working conditions, education and training, earnings, and job outlook.

  • Multimedia Interviews - multimedia onscreen interviews allow students to see and hear from real people in each occupation.
  • Search Options - A variety of search options allow students to find careers that meet their needs and goals.
  • Direct Links - Direct links between careers and education programs help students take the next step.

Comprehensive Education Planning

A national database of post-secondary schools includes detailed information on colleges, universities, and other training opportunities.

  • Detailed School Profiles, including information on admissions, expenses, and athletics
  • Search Options - Students can search for schools by keyword, program name, state/province, or program cluster
  • Direct Links - Access a school's website for additional information

EDP Integration

With its seamless integration into the career and education planning process, Career Cruising's online Portfolio Tool leads students effortlessly through the steps of preparing for the world of work.

  • Save Careers and Schools of Interest
  • Create a personalized four-year high school education plan
  • Document career preparation plans and activities
  • Record extracurricular activities, awards, and work and volunteer experiences
  • Store career and education related documents online
  • Create professional looking resumes

School Administration Reporting

Career advisors and administrators have access to powerful and unique reporting tools designed to measure student progress, track usage, and manage information. Advisors can also choose from an array of customization options designed to tailor Career Cruising to meet the needs of our staff and students.

  • Generate summary reports to determine careers and schools of interest for your students.
  • Input customized course lists that students can use to create their high school education plan.
  • Export data collected from student EDPs in other applications.
  • Communicate with students using an internal messaging system.
  • View aggregate data for a district, region, or state.