Learning Styles

Often people expect to learn, plan to learn, hope to learn...but have never really thought about HOW they learn?

The Learning Styles Inventory produces results in three different learning related areas: cognitive (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), social (group, individual) and expressive (verbal, written). The cognitive portion helps students determine what senses they are relying upon most in learning. Although most students use a combination of all three senses, often the senses they are using most are the one/s that work best for them. In addition to cognitive learning styles, results are produced which reflect whether the student prefers to learn alone or in a group, and whether the student prefers verbally presenting information or putting it in writing. These ideas represent the social and expressive portions.

Do you go to school, work, play sports, have a hobby?

Also consider that students learn not only at school, but in every aspect of life (work, sports, games, hobbies, etc.). Therefore, it's important for students to understand what approach to learning works best for them and what tools and methods are available to help them to be most successful in all aspects of learning.

How can I find out how I learn best?

Learning Styles is a no charge service offered to both students and teachers in the IISD. Teachers and students receive individualized learning styles reports and teachers receive a group learning profile of their class. The learning style report and presentation will provide additional information including: results, an explanation of the results, and recommendations. Research shows both academic and attitudinal improvements experienced by many students who are taught according to their learning style.

You can now access the Learning Styles Inventory Online!  

Simply click on the link the left, answer all the questions and print out your results.  Please call the Center for Career Preparation and Assessment to set up a time to review your results with our trained Licenced Counselors.