Frequently Asked Questions

RElevent Answers to Common Questions

What is Career Assessment?

A Career Assessment is a comprehensive set of activities which evaluates a student's abilities, aptitudes, work values, tolerances and interests.

What choices do districts have for getting career assessment info for their students?

Ingham Intermediate School District provides a comprehensive assessment using criterion-reference assessment for those students that may need a deeper dive into career assessment. This is appropriate for all students that may need a better understanding of their aptitudes and abilities and how those relate to selected courses and career choices.

Who should have a career assessment?

All students can benefit from a career assessment. Assessment is a required part of many current initiatives and is considered the foundation of educational planning, such as EDP's or IEP's.

Why assess students?

Current initiatives and legislation address assessment requirements, such as:

Special Education Students

  • Completion of Individualized Educational Plans and Accompanying Transition Plans (IEP)
  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments (IDEA) of 1997 requires that Functional Vocational
  • Evaluation/Career Assessment be addressed in the IEP process.

General Education Students

  • Completion of Educational Development Plans (EDP)
  • Career Preparation Initiatives require a comprehensive assessment as the foundation for educational planning.

Are career assessments required for students who attend the Capital Area Career Center?

Career assessment is an important part of the enrollment process for all CACC Career and Technical Programs. The application process requires that a career assessment be completed in the local district or through the Center for Career  Preparation and  Assessment. The students career pathway and assessment results should be congruent with the program selected.

What services are available?

The Center for Career Preparation and Assessment  provides a number of services in addition to career assessment. Staff provide programs, services and resources to all local districts in support of the full implementation of several career preparation goal areas, including; Career Pathways, Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling, EDP's and Authentic Instruction.

What are students saying about Career Assessment Services?

Student satisfaction surveys completed at the end of the assessment has shown very positive results. Students have stated that they understand how their abilities relate to occupations; they understand how to research occupational outlook information and know the importance of work values in selecting a career. Students have also indicated very positive satisfaction with understanding the assessment information as they are completing their own self-written report as part of the process.

What are teachers saying?

Teachers and local counselors have indicated strong satisfaction with the focus on ‘self determination' concept and the strong involvement with the student in the process. Teachers have also stated they are pleased with the new format of the Career Planner Report, especially with the recommendations aligning to the domain areas of IEP's and EDP's.

How does the Career Assessment Services help with the transition planning process?

Career Assessment Services provides resources, supports and services that can be a valuable part of the Transition Planning Process for Special Education students. Recommendations based on transition planning are included with the report and the student assists in creating recommendations or ‘next steps' during the assessment process. With this information, students can comfortable lead their IEP's.