Academic Support Resources


Welcome to the CACC Student Services Lab!

The Student Services Lab is located in Room 204 in the CACC, across the hall from Cosmetology.  The purpose of the Student Services Lab is to provide academic support to all students; those with learning challenges or in need of shorter-term help. Our job is to help you be successful!

Many computers or electronic devices come with free reader or dictation (text-to-speech) software now: the iPad has free reader and dictation software and the Nook has free apps. These make your school work, spelling, typing and reading less stressful.

Below are some of the services and resources we recommend: - will make flash cards and help you practice for a test or quiz: type "cacc" in the search window to get started.

Speak It!  - reader software helps take the pressure off test-taking. It will only read web-based text though. - lets you dictate essays, notes and spells for you! Dictation is an online speech recognition software powered by Google Chrome.

Natural Readers - is a free download that reads all PDF's and electronic books or homework attachments from teacher websites.

For directions on how to upload Speak It!, Natural Readers or, click herePDF Document.  If you would like help with these resources, call or email LaVendee Fulton at 517.244.1359 or