MASCOT (grades 6 AND 7)

June 27 - July 15, 2016

Mathematics Augmentation Series: Cultivating Optimal Teaching. A three week, half day program designed to serve sixth and seventh grade students who have been identified as having potential for learning advanced mathematics. This program model allows for development in the content area of mathematics as well as for better self-understanding through the use of specific guidance strategies and techniques. Grades 6 and 7. Cost $250.

Kids' College (grades 4 and 5)

July 11 - 22, 2016

A two-week learning experience for fourth and fifth grade students who are identified as having outstanding talent or unusual interest in science. Grades 4 and 5. Cost $280.

NUMATS (SAT Testing)

January, 2017

NUMATS is a research-validated program that utilizes above-grade-level testing to help you understand the educational needs of your student. Grades 6, 7 and 8 only. At the Haslett Middle School site. Cost NUMATS $37 plus SAT test $51


Michigan State University

Gifted and Talented programs are offered throughout the year in partnership with Michigan State University. For the most current information visit MSU Gifted and Talented Education.

PDF Document2016-2017 MSU GATE Program Guide

The Dimensions program, previously offered by Ingham ISD, is now combined with MST@MSU. Interested students and parents are welcome to consider applying to participate in the MSU GATE Math, Science, and Technology (MST@MSU) program. Please see the MSU GATE Program Guide above for more information.

Lansing Community College

Gifted and Talented programs are also offered at LCC Gifted and Talented Education.