Transition Programs and Services
Students with disabilities who participate in employment based transition programs can become gainfully employed and make meaningful contributions to their community. Our business partners are essential in providing real life work-based learning opportunities for students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Transition programs and services prepare students on a self-directed pathway through job training and life skills development with the ultimate goal of positive social inclusion and integrated, competitive employment.

Skills for adult independent living (sail)

This is a setting in which students with disabilities can learn how to be independent adults. Each student has individual goals identified in an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Students gain exposure to work-based learning experiences in local businesses and learn what it means to work as a team. The SAIL program also facilitates connections to agencies and community resources that can provide support services.

  • Classroom:  Focus on daily living skills, functional academics, fitness, self-care, health and social skills. 
  • Community Experience:  Explore recreation/leisure opportunities, community safety, shopping and money skills.
  • Work Experience:  Participate in a variety of employment opportunities to gain universal work skills. 


Project Search

Spartan Project SEARCH combines classroom instruction provided by Ingham Intermediate School District with a year-long unpaid internship at Michigan State University. This combination of instruction and immersion in the workplace prepares interns to meet employer expectations. Participants gain experience in a variety of settings that will align to their interests, abilities and availability.

  • Classroom:  Focus on employability and independent living skills. Engage in job seeking activities.
  • Community Experience:  Manage transportation options and gain skills needed to obtain a community job that aligns with student's vocational goals.
  • Work Experience:  Work with teacher and job coach to learn how to perform internship tasks independently and participate in internship rotation.

For more information, read the Spartan Project SEARCH brochure.

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