Ingham Academy

Ingham Academy is a day treatment program for court adjudicated youth that is operated by three agencies - Ingham County Circuit Court, Ingham Intermediate School District, and Highfields. Ingham ISD provides the educational program for children placed in the Academy by the Ingham County Circuit Court. Highfields provides behavior treatment and support to the program. This partnership between the three agencies has been in effect since 2007, providing these high risk students a path to learning the life-skills necessary to be productive members of society while earning a high school diploma.

The program includes five classrooms - 4 high school classrooms and 1 eighth grade classroom - serving 50 students. The academic program is aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum offering high school courses that are aligned to the High School Content Expectations (HSCE), as well as 8th grade classes that are aligned to the Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE).

Further information about the Ingham Academy may be obtained by contacting Denise Lycos at 517. 244.1354 or 517.342.2695.



1601 W. Holmes Rd.
Lansing, MI 48910


Phone: 517.342.2692
Fax: 517. 882.2155

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Denise Lycos
Principal, Emotionally Impaired Programs