Heartwood programs


Heartwood currently has 13 classrooms that services students ages 3-26 in the following classroom designations as are found in the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education Supplemented with IDEA Federal Regulations:

  • R 340.1738  Severe cognitive impairment program (4 classrooms)
  • R 340.1739  Programs for students with moderate cognitive impairment (2 classrooms)
  • R 340.1748  Severe multiple impairments program (4 classrooms)
  • R 340.1758  Autism Spectrum Disorder (3 classrooms)

Placement in specific classrooms are determined each year dependent on age, functioning and IEP determinations. 

Heartwood Staffing

All Heartwood teachers are all highly qualified and provide outstanding diverse, educational opportunities and experiences for all learners. Each classroom is supported by skilled paraprofessionals who support the daily learning and functioning of each and every student. In addition to classroom staff, Heartwood students benefit from a variety of related service providers including:

  • Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
  • Music Therapy Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Worker
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Other service providers as determined on student IEP’s

Positive Behavior Supports

Heartwood's school wide rules are Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Learning.  There are visuals in each classroom and in the hallways to continually remind students and staff of these rules.  In addition, staff can be seen wearing t-shirts with the rules and giving out "tickets" for positive behavior.  Other strategies for providing positive behavior supports throughout the program can be found in Heartwood's School Improvement Plan.

In addition, all Heartwood School classrooms have classroom management plans that embrace and provide positive behavior supports throughout each school day. Some students may need extra assistance in this area. The Behavior Intervention Team will collaborate with classroom staff and parents to complete a functional behavior assessment and then, if necessary, generate a plan of specific supports and strategies for individuals through a Behavior Intervention Plan.

Community Relationships

Heartwood students participate with community partners both in and out of the school setting. Community Based Instruction outings support a variety of areas within the curriculum, including leisure and recreation, communication, social and group interactions, functional academics and vocational training. Heartwood students also benefit from a strong connection with Mason High School and Michigan State University.