Overall Curriculum

Heartwood School’s curriculum was created in cooperation with multiple center-based programs throughout the state of Michigan. The Heartwood Participation and Supported Independence Curricula have a primary focus of promoting optimal independent skills for students. Areas of focus include personal care, health and fitness, leisure and productivity, domestic activities, social interactions, vocational skills, communication, community, mobility, group situations, unexpected events/ potential harmful situations, time management, self determination, and the core academic areas of math, English language arts, science, social studies, and technology. The Heartwood curriculum is aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Frameworks. Individual student focus is determined at their Individualized Education Planning Meeting.

Access to the curriculum is available through the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE) wiki site. 



As of May 2009, Heartwood Schools is now a Model Site with MOVE International. 

MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) helps children and adults with severe disabilities acquire more abilities (and independence) to sit, stand, walk and transition. This is achieved through instruction and adaptive equipment.

With these increased abilities, students experience: 1) better health, 2) less burden for care providers to move or lift people, 3) more dignity, and 4) new opportunities for fuller participation and inclusion in family life, school and community. Life is no longer relegated to a bean bag, floor mat, wheelchair or bed.