Student Support Services / Special Education
The Special Education staff are in various locations on the ISD campus and community settings. They offer an array of instructional programs and support services to students with disabilities, from birth to age 26, across the ISD in collaboration with local school districts, public school academies, and non-public schools. Services range from assistance to students within their own district classrooms to the operation of special schools and programs. We operate center-based programs for the cognitively impaired, emotionally impaired, severely multiply impaired, and autistic impaired as well as early childhood special education and early intervention programs.

We serve over 6,500 students who are challenged by needs that make them eligible for special education. These needs arise from physical, cognitive or emotional handicaps making it difficult for the students to keep up with their peers. Ingham ISD takes pride in its ability to bring the best in education to students with such diverse needs.

In addition we provide financial, legal, instructional, and technical support and training to assist schools in meeting the changing needs of exceptional children and students from birth to age 26.

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Nancy Heubel
Admin Assistant, EI Student Programs
Leanne Minshall
Admin Asst, Student Support Svcs & Early Child
Denise Lycos
Director, Emotionally Impaired and Adjudicated Youth Programs
Michelle Nicholson
Executive Director, Early Childhood Services
Andrew Rable
Executive Director, Student Support Services
Sarah Winslow
Supervisor, SE Transition Programs and Services