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Teachers Learning Together
TLT is an Ingham ISD MTSS initiative with the goal of improving student motivation, engagement and literacy. The initiative is in its third year of implementation and the momentum is going strong with over 300 secondary level teachers in the Ingham ISD service area participating. This year the TLT model is expanding to include elementary teachers. Participants will have the opportunity to implement strategies learned in literacy and mathematics academy workshops with support of their TLT colleagues. Dr. Kevin Feldman, a national Education Consultant, has led the initiative, facilitating seminars and learning walks. The learning walks provide opportunities for teachers to observe each other and receive feedback on instruction. Teachers and administrators from different districts are coming together to collaborate and work toward the common goal of engaging all students.


The Teachers Learning Together (TLT) model pairs educators together to observe each other’s teaching and provide useful feedback, particularly about students’ levels of engagement. Four schools in the Ingham ISD service area have hosted Learning Walks facilitated by Dr. Kevin Feldman, and many other schools are implementing learning walks as a vehicle for improving their practice. In this model teachers apply what they have learned at the trainings in their classrooms and observe and support each other on an ongoing basis.

Participating Teachers are encouraged to focus observations on the students’ level of engagement and meet with their partner following the observation to share actionable feedback. Teachers are encouraged to videotape their teaching in order to foster collective learning at the building and county level. Participants work on their own practice in ways that may be new, and are supported in this process by their principal, RtI coach, Ingham ISD Consultants, and Kevin Feldman.

The response to Feldman’s workshops has been extremely positive. Here’s what one teacher said in an email to Dr. Feldman: “I have been in several teachers classrooms this year and you have made a significant impact on EVERY one of them. Teachers are sharing ideas, using your suggestions, and improving their instruction. Every day kids are receiving better instruction as a result of your work!”

We have established a video library of clips of teachers using the engagement strategies taught by Dr. Feldman. Also included are videos taken during learning walks held at several schools in the Ingham ISD service area. Clips of Dr. Feldman teaching classes of students and Haslett High School and at Waverly High School are in the library along with videos of post-observation feedback sessions. These video clips can be used in a variety of ways as models of research based instruction and for professional development. All teachers are invited to submit video clips of research based instruction

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