Ingham Science Network


Who are we?

The group is comprised of K-12 science teachers and curriculum consultants who have building or district level responsibilities for science education. This collegial network meets throughout the school year at Ingham ISD.

What do we do?

Issues related to curriculum (K-7 Grade Level Content Expectations and High School Content Expectations), instruction and assessment are examined. The network participants are exploring how best to prepare for the adjustments that will influence science curriculum in the county.

What was our latest project?

The network participants in cooperation with other Ingham County science curriculum leaders have completed the 2008-09 K-7 Science Collaborative Curriculum Project. Using research-based analytical tools, NSF supported Unit/Kit programs have been evaluated and recommended as a best match to the K-7 GLCEs (12/07) and best instructional practices. In the past, when new science benchmarks have been introduced by the state, each district worked independently to revise curriculum. This project focused on writing an articulated county-wide K-7 science curriculum collaboratively with input from county districts.

Find the summary of this project at:

What's on the agenda for 2009-2010?

The 2009-2010 Network meetings will focus on reading and writing in the science content disciplines K-12. Reading strategies, writing processes, exemplary trade books, and using informal and web-based resources will be discussed and demonstrated.

The network meetings also provide updates on state and national science programs and policy. Members are expected to serve as key communicators among colleagues. Science network members also provide valuable advice regarding proposed professional development and curriculum opportunities that Ingham ISD seeks to offer.

When and where do we meet?

Schedule of meetings for 2009-2010 will be determined by May 1, 2009

All meetings are at Ingham ISD from 4:30-6:30 p.m. A light supper is provided. No charge for Ingham County participants. SB-CEUs are available. You may register online at

Please contact Marty Couretas at or Wendy Robinson at for additional information.