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PDF DocumentReading in the Content Areas - A Toolkit of Reading Comprehension Strategies

Word DocumentBookmarks - Strategies students can use independently for increasing their reading comprehension (These are printed 3 to a page - copy them on cardstock and cut them apart to make a class set.)
Word DocumentReminders - Strategies teachers can use with the whole class for increasing reading comprehension

High School Content Expectations Science

PDF DocumentHigh School Graduation Requirements, HSCEs and Michigan Merit Exam

PDF DocumentPossible High School Course Sequences

PDF DocumentBiology HSCEs in two-column format

PDF DocumentChemistry HSCEs in two-column format

PDF DocumentEarth science HSCEs in two-column format

PDF DocumentPhysics HSCEs in two-column format

Please see the MDE versions at - Curriculum - Science to read the important introduction to the High School Content Expectations.

PDF DocumentBiology prerequisites to HSCEs

PDF DocumentChemistry prerequisites to HSCEs

PDF DocumentEarth science prerequisites to HSCEs

There is only one prerequisite listed in the physics HSCEs. It is retained in the two-column format above.

High School Content Expectations Companion Documents

PDF DocumentBiology Companion Document

PDF DocumentChemisty Companion Document

PDF DocumentEarth Science Companion Document

PDF DocumentPhysics Companion Document


The new K-7 Grade Level Content Expectations were adopted by the State Board of Education. They are available here, along with "Across the Grades" versions for life, Earth and physical science. The "Across the Grades" versions do not have the content statements, so please refer to the grade level documents for the essential content statements that accompany each set of GLCEs.

PDF DocumentScience K-7 GLCEs

Word DocumentEarth Science GLCEs Accross the Grades

Word DocumentLife Science GLCEs Across the Grades

Word DocumentPhysical Science GLCEs Accross The Grades

K-7 Companion Documents

PDF Document K-4 GLCE Companion Document

PDF Document 5-7 GLCE Companion Document

Science Websites

Following are links to the Michigan Department of Education sites that are often referenced for science.

Science page

Michigan Merit Examination