District SI - Step 3

Determine Strategies, Create Action Plan

The development of an effective action plan helps provide direction and ensures that resources and responsibilities have been allocated.

Below are tools and resources for each component of Step 3: PLAN.

General Resources

PDF DocumentDistrict CNA
PDF DocumentDistrict Indicators
Word DocumentDistrict Improvement Plan Template


This section provides tools and resources that can be used to guide the selection and implementation of research-based strategies aligned to data-driven goals.

PDF DocumentDistrict: Identifying & Selecting Strategies
Word DocumentCriteria for Strategy Statement
Word DocumentDistrict Strategy Statement Example
Word DocumentGoals Management Template


This section provides templates and tools to assist in developing the action plan for SI activities (PLEASE NOTE: the Action Plan is completed within the online District Improvement Plan submitted via the Advanc-Ed Website. The tools below are working documents for use in preparing for formal submission.)

Word DocumentDistrict Improvement Plan Template
Word DocumentCriteria for Action Plan Activities
PDF DocumentDistrict CNA – see pages 89-94