District SI - Step 2

Analyze Data, Set Goals & Measurable Objectives, Research Best Practice

This stage requires the analysis of systems data and l processes from the District Data Profile, using multiple measures of data, and the development of data-driven goals and best practice interventions to support them.

Below are tools and resources for each component of Step 2: Study.

General Resources

Word DocumentDistrict Data Profile

Analyze Data

This section provides tools and resources that can be used to review data from multiple sources in order to determine patterns and trends that will inform goals and strategies as well as other aspects of school improvement.

PDF DocumentLook For’s and Planning Implications
Word DocumentStrategic Planning Data Document
Word DocumentStrengths, Challenges & Implications Charts

Set Goals and Measure Objectives

This section provides guidelines for determining and writing data-driven goals, and the objectives that will be used to measure them.

Word DocumentGoal Development Guidelines
Word DocumentGoals/Strategies Comparison
Word DocumentGoals Management Template
PDF DocumentSample Goals Management Template

Research Best Practice

Guidelines for determining best practice and website links for researched and evidence-based practices can be found in this section.

Word DocumentIdentifying Best Practices in Education
Word DocumentResources for Evidence Based Interventions
        What Works Website
        Instructional Strategies That Work