Early Warning Systems

Early Identification of Students

Early Warning Signs are an integral part of a comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). They are powerful predictors that help schools identify students who may be at risk of dropping out of school. Ingham ISD and our local districts are using Early Warning Signs data such as attendance, behavior, GPA, and course failures to identify secondary school students most at risk for dropping out. Student performance in the classroom and on measures such as the ACT test is also being used. In an MTSS system, students can be supported with school-wide and targeted interventions to get them back on track for graduation.

Student Connection and Engagement

Through our MTSS initiative, we are working collaboratively with local district educators to provide academic, behavioral, social, and emotional supports for students. A few examples of key efforts are:

  • Positive Behavior Implementation Supports: School-wide interventions such as Check-In, Check-Out purposefully connect educators with at-risk students daily.
  • Teachers Learning Together: An initiative led by Dr. Kevin Feldman that focuses on student engagement and school-wide literacy strategies.
  • Common Core State Standards: Strategies for implementing the new, rigorous learning standards that support student engagement through challenging content and instruction.

As part of the statewide Dropout Challenge, we also encourage secondary schools to identify 5 to 10 students with Early Warning Signs and begin an adult advocate/mentoring program.

Our goal is to support educators in engaging students, families and the community in solutions and supports to increase student graduation rates.

To learn more about Early Warning Signs for dropout prevention, visit:

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