Strategic Plan

2016-17 Strategic Plan Development

Ingham Intermediate School District has started a strategic planning process that will chart our course for the next 3-5 years and ensure that the needs of students, families, districts and our community will be met.

PDF DocumentStrategic Plan Timeline

Over the next few months and through the end of the 2016-17 school year we are taking the following steps toward the development of that plan. Once finalized our Strategic Plan will be placed on our website for review and use. For details on each of these steps, please consult our Step-by-Step Process subpage. 

Step 1: Data Gathering

Data gathering meeting schedule - focus groups and survey feedback from staff.

Step 2: Data Review and Plan Development

Data and materials used by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee to develop an organizational plan.

Step 3: Departmental Plan Development

Organizational plan rollout to key stakeholders, starting with staff.  Teams will create department level plans that are aligned with the organizational Strategic Plan.

Step 4: Implementation

Implementation will take place in September of 2017. 

Step 5: Progress Monitoring

We will review the plan and provide progress updates regularly on our website.