All Staff (By Department)


Business Office

Name Position Phone
Banks, Beverly Finance Technician, Business Unit 517.244.1220
Coburn, Nicole Administrative Assistant 517.244.1248
Cox, Janis Finance Technician, Business Unit 517.244.1252
Eisinger, Dianne Accountant, Business Unit-Business & Grant Service 517.244.1206
Hills, Rebecca Business Supervisor 517.244.1294
Johns, Raelynn Business Unit Accountant and Business Services Accountant 517.244.4516
Jones, Carolyn Purchasing Specialist 517.244.4531
LaRue, Nicole Special Education Financial Analyst 517.244.1205
McNamara, Helen Assistant Superintendent, Finance and Business 517.244.1237
Nance, Marijane Pupil Accounting Auditor and Attendance Officer 517.244.1203
Platte, Jill Finance Technician, Business Unit 517.244.1236
Walls, Heather Director, Business Operations 517.244.1291

Capital Area Career Center

Name Position Phone
Adams, Niki Instructor, New Media 517.244.1318
Ballentine, Richard Specialist, CACC Enrollment, RTI & Transition 517.244.1383
Brown, Jack Associate Principal, CACC 517.244.1303
Cochran, Kathleen Instructor, Cosmetology 517.244.1325
Comer, Ann Instructor, Health Occupations 517.244.1311
Eaton, Christine Curriculum Coordinator, CACC 517.244.1360
Egerer, Terry Administrative Assistant, Student Assistance 517.244.1306
Erickson, Brad Math, Work-Based Learning Placement Specialist 517.244.1315
Farina, Jeanne Director, CSTE & Principal, CACC 517.244.1337
Garcia, Noel Instructor, Law Enforcement 517.244.1385
Getty-Gerlica, Dorothy Instructor, Custodial Services 517.244.1371
Greathouse, Becky Data Systems Technician 517.244.1301
Grossman, Jeffrey Instructor, Welding 517.244.1398
Johnson, Gerald Instructor, Construction Technology 517.244.1397
Klages, Ian Instructor, Automotive Technology
Langendonk, Susan Orient. & Mobility Specialist 517.230.2670
Mills, Joan Health Sciences Specialist 517.244.1341
Shaw, Tami Instructional Assistant, Auto Technology 517.244.1331
Stump, Deborah Mathematics, Pre-Professional Skills Specialist 517.244.1382
Teremi, Sandra Instructor, Health Occupations 517.244.1355
VanAcker, Hyonju Curriculum, College & Career Prep Technician 517.244.1352
Wantor, Deb Administrative Assistant, Principal, CACC 517.244.1302
Westenberg, Scott Instructor, Automotive Technology 517.244.1343
Wilson, Patricia Instructor, Cosmetology 517.244.1321

Career Services & Technical Education

Name Position Phone
Baker, David Instructor, Programming and Mobile Applications 517.244.1322
Barnes, Craig Instructional Assistant, Welding 517.244.1326
Brougher, Robert Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517.342.2692
Cain, Kevin Instructional Assistant, Auto Technology 517.244.1338
Castaneda, Rick Instructor, Precision Machining Technology 517.244.1376
Colizzi, Monique Business and Risk Management Instructor 517.244.1332
Collin, Deborah Health Sciences Specialist 517.244.1304
Corr, Nicole Temporary Early College Coordinator 517.244.1329
Daman, Lindy Career Assessment / Transition Coordinator 517.244.1370
Day, Corbett Instructor, Culinary Arts 517.244.1340
Dodak, Mark I A, Programming, Databases, Web Design 517.244.1300
Easterling, Randall Instructor, Precision Machining Technology 517.244.1325
Fulton, LaVendee Teacher Consultant, CACC 517.244.1359
Garcia, Carlos Instructor, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics 517.244.1335
Gomez, Jorge Instructor, Automotive Technology 517.244.1365
Guetschow, Paul Instructor, Engineering 517.244.1342
Hoffman, Corey Instructional Assistant, Culinary Arts 517.244.1344
Janeski, Corrie Administrative Assistant
Kilbridge, Amy Instructor, Applied Academics/English Language 517.244.1273
LaRue, Michael Work-Based Learning Coordinator 517.244.1328
Liberti, Julie Teacher, Aviation 517.244.1373
Miller, Laurie Instructor, Medical Technology Careers 517.244.1347
Miller, Timothy Instructional Assistant, Construction Technology 517.244.1339
Noecker, Adria Instructor, CAHEP 517.364.3068
Smith, Meegan Instructional Assistant, Culinary Arts 517.244.1340
West, Toby Instructor, Bioscience Careers 517.244.1357
Zieger-Conrad, Rae Budgetary Technician, CACC 517.244.1366

Cooperative Acquisitions

Name Position Phone
Corner, Nancy Managing Director, Coop Acquisitions Project 517.244.4534
Drake, Erik Coordinator, Cooperative Acquisitions REMC 517.244.1479
Gazley, Kraig Database Specialist 517.244.1473
Rommeck, Erin Administrative Assistant 517.244.1465

Data Systems Analysis

Name Position Phone
Endahl, John Data Services Specialist 517.244.1233
Trout, Kelly Data Systems & Analysis Specialist 517.244.1261

Early Childhood Services/Referrals

Name Position Phone
Abood, Candace Administrative Assistant, ECSE and Early On 517.244.1431
Baisel, Katherine Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 810.844.1872
Blair, Sandra Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517.881.6598
Brewer, Emily Director, Early Childhood Special Education 0-3 517.258.2227
Chase, Kristan Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 734.219.9093
Chomic, Marge Occupational Therapist 810.624.0405
Chumbley, Megan Early Childhood Specialist 517.244.1240
Deal, Nancy Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 1.608.616.0795
Derhammer, Stacey Early Childhood SE Teacher 989.272.3464
Fiebernitz, Kim Early Childhood Specialist 517.244.4526
FoyOtero, Barbara Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517.894.7975
Goodwin, Elizabeth Physical Therapist 517.898.6497
Gritzmaker, Kellie Early Interventionist 616.439.4411
Hardy, Meghan Early Interventionist 517.599.0881
Hoene, Karen Early On Service Coordinator 517.420.2858
Hughes, Benjamin Early Childhood Specialist 517.244.1295
Hunt, Lisa Teacher, Speech & Language Impaired/SLP 517.898.6493
Jaime, Jessica Occupational Therapist, EO 989.249.3605
Johnson, Paula Occupational Therapist 517.282.9048
Jones, Kellie Parent Educator 616.303.0195
Kessel, Linda Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517.256.6954
Larson, Rebecca Physical Therapist, Early On 517.898.6498
Lindeman, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, ECSE and Early On 517.244.1430
Marble, Chelsea Speech & Language Pathologist , EO 906.440.3944
Martin, Jennifer Physical Therapist, Early On 616.676.7197
McCaffrey, Jennifer Early Childhood Consultant 517.244.4525
McPhillips, Anne Paraprofessional, AI 517.333.7870
Mervyn, Corrie Director, Preschool Instruction 517.244.1297
Roth, Emily Early Childhood SE Teacher Specialist 313.744.6160
Schubert, Kathryn Teacher, Speech & Language Imp/SLP 517.898.6496
Thelen, Stephanie Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood Ed 517.244.1267
Webber, April Physical Therapist 616.263.1914
White, Leone Preprimary Physical Therapist 517.648.1913
White, Stephanie Early Interventionist 517.525.2486
Wilson, Tamara Early Interventionist 313.312.0625

Evergreen Program

Name Position Phone
Cassel, Stacy Paraprofessional, Evergreen Program 517.244.1305
Cunningham, Keith Paraprofessional, EI 517.244.1363
Keel, Karen Instructor, Evergreen Program 517.244.1363
Miles, Robert Paraprofessional, Evergreen Program 517.244.1305


Name Position Phone
Belman, Nicole Facilities Support Technician 517.244.1235
Edmondson, Corey Head Custodian 517.244.1423
Evans, Robert Head Custodian 517.244.1313
Rusnock, Steve Director, Facilities & Safety 517.244.1229
Starin, Rick Facilities Specialist 517.244.1222

Great Parents, Great Start

Name Position Phone
Cooks, Dorothy Parent Educator 517.244.1433
Schaudt, Blanche Parent Educator 517.803.1328

Heartwood Main Office

Name Position Phone
Booth, Jim Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1455
Cater, Kristi Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1458
Keith, Kimberly Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1422
Lynch, Eric Teacher, SXI, HWS 517.244.1455
Matney, Anita Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1458
Naeyaert, Denise School Social Worker, HWS 517.244.1274
Rogers, Jennifer Principal, Heartwood School 517.244.1404
Seigo, Linda Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1457

Human Resources

Name Position Phone
Abbey, Teresa Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1226
Baker, Heather Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1227
Courter, Jackie Human Resources Specialist 517.244.1269
Dobbs, Susan Payroll & Benefits Accountant and Coordinator 517.244.1234
Kandell, Sarah Lead Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1218
Little, Brenton Director, Payroll, Benefits & Human Resources 517.244.1217
Schindewolf-DeShais, Rhiannon Administrative Assistant 517.244.1204
Tinney, Susan Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Organizational Development 517.244.1289
Williams, Nicole Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1292
Zeller, Lindsey Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1223

Information Technology Services

Name Position Phone
Bachelder, Karen Help Desk Technician 517.244.1245
Cleary, Tom Application Support Analyst 517.244.1232
Galbraith, Kevin Director, LEA Technology Services 517.699.0281
Gascon, Heidi Instructional Technology Consultant 517.244.1286
Gaydos, Jonathon Developer/Report Writer Specialist 517.244.1209
Gottleber, Scott Network Analyst 517.244.4519
Harpst, R. Jon Technical Support Specialist 517.319.3014
Hatfield, Melinda Help Desk Technician 517.244.1467
Holiday, Robert Technical Support Specialist 517.319.3017
Hoornstra, Kevin Systems Analyst 517.244.4517
Jokisch, Michael Technical Support Specialist 517.851.7188 x6128
KahNah, Zyaire Business Process Analyst 517.244.1221
Kobliska, Brian Database and Applications Analyst 517.244.1216
Lietz, Daniel Network Engineer 517.244.1250
Lilly, Mike Director of Information Technology Services 517.244.1257
Palme, David Director, LEA Technology Services 517.319.3039
Patterson, William Technical Support Specialist 517.244.1201
Pease, Thomas Application and Technical Support Specialist 517.244.1296
Ritter, Mac Help Desk Technician 517.244.4518
Shauver, Andrew Instructional Technology Specialist 517.244.1290
Smith, Bryan Database 517.244.1243
Taylor, Jeff Technical Support Specialist 517.244.1228
Thomas, Chris Desktop Engineer 517.244.4529
Tilley, Daryl Executive Director, Information Technology Services 517.244.1278
Vogel, Jack Network Analyst 517.699.7886

Malcolm Williams

Name Position Phone
Earl, Denise Teacher, E.I., MWS 517.244.1489
Weidner, Carrie Teacher, E.I., MWS 517.244.1483

Payroll and Benefits

Name Position Phone
Dobbs, Susan Payroll & Benefits Accountant and Coordinator 517.244.1234
Kandell, Sarah Lead Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1218
Williams, Nicole Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1292
Zeller, Lindsey Payroll and Benefits Specialist 517.244.1223

Public Relations and Communications

Name Position Phone
Adado, Stacy Communications Specialist 517.244.1324
Lowe, Anna Receptionist and Public Relations & Communications Administrative Assistant 517.244.1202
O'Neil, Micki Director, Public Relations and Communications 517.244.1212
Parkinson, Sara Communication Specialist 517.244.1231
Thomas, Lonnie Admin Assistant, Public Relations & Communications 517.244.1287
Warrian, Sam Videographer and Digital Media Technician 517.244.1225

Pupil Accounting

Name Position Phone
Cameron, Leah Pupil Accounting Specialist 517.244.1207

School Development Services

Name Position Phone
Nicholson, Michelle Executive Director, Early Childhood Services 517.244.1384

School Office

Name Position Phone
Academy, Lansing STEM School Building 517.755.1160
Achievement Center, Woodcreek School Building 517.755.1700
Campus, Ninth Grade School Building 517.694.4370
Center, Marvin E. Beekman School Building 517.755.1170
Early Childhood Center, Wilkshire School Building 517.339.8208
Education, Community School Building 517.851.8222
Education Center, Colt Early Childhood School Building 517.323.3777
Education Center, EdTrek Alternative School Building 517.709.3148
Elementary, Attwood School Building 517.755.1210
Elementary, Averill School Building 517.755.1220
Elementary, Cavanaugh School Building 517.755.1250
Elementary, Cumberland School Building 517.755.1280
Elementary, Fairview School Building 517.755.1310
Elementary, Forest View School Building 517.755.1330
Elementary, Gier Park School Building 517.755.1360
Elementary, Henry H. North School Building 517.755.1710
Elementary, Kendon School Building 517.755.1450
Elementary, Lewton School Building 517.755.1460
Elementary, Lyons School Building 517.755.1480
Elementary, Mt. Hope School Building 517.755.1550
Elementary, Pattengill School Building 517.755.1130
Elementary, Post Oak School Building 517.755.1610
Elementary, Reo School Building 517.755.1620
Elementary, Riddle School Building 517.755.1720
Elementary, Sheridan Road School Building 517.755.1630
Elementary, Willow School Building 517.755.1680
Elementary, Woodworth School Building 517.589.5151
Elementary School, Alaiedon School Building 517.676.6499
Elementary School, Dansville School Building 517.623.6120 x226
Elementary School, Dimondale School Building 517.694.6411
Elementary School, Discovery School Building 517.655.2855
Elementary School, Donley School Building 517.333.7370
Elementary School, Elliott School Building 517.699.2106
Elementary School, Elmwood School Building 517.321.3383
Elementary School, Explorer School Building 517.655.2174
Elementary School, Glencairn School Building 517.333.7930
Elementary School, H.M. Murphy School Building 517.339.8253
Elementary School, Heritage School Building 517.851.8600
Elementary School, Hiawatha School Building 517.706.4500
Elementary School, Horizon School Building 517.694.4224
Elementary School, Marble School Building 517.333.7860
Elementary School, Midway School Building 517.694.0444
Elementary School, North Aurelius School Building 517.676.6506
Elementary School, Pinecrest School Building 517.333.7870
Elementary School, Red Cedar School Building 517.333.5060
Elementary School, Smith School Building 517.851.7735
Elementary School, Steele Street School Building 517.676.6510
Elementary School, Sycamore School Building 517.699.2185
Elementary School, Vera Ralya School Building 517.339.8202
Elementary School, Webberville School Building 517.521.3071
Elementary School, Whitehills School Building 517.333.7900
Elementary School, Wilcox School Building 517.699.0249
Elementary School, Winans School Building 517.321.2371
High School, Dansville School Building 517.623.6120
High School, East Lansing School Building 517.333.7500
High School, Eastern School Building 517.755.1050
High School, Everett School Building 517.755.1080
High School, Haslett Senior School Building 517.339.8249
High School, Holt School Building 517.694.2162
High School, J. W. Sexton School Building 517.755.1070
High School, Leslie School Building 517.589.9500
High School, Mason School Building 517.676.9055
High School, Okemos School Building 517.706.4900
High School, Stockbridge School Building 517.851.7770
High School, Waverly School Building 517.323.3831
High School, Williamston School Building 517.655.2142
Hope, Bernard L. School Building 517.699.2194
Intermediate School, Waverly East School Building 517.484.8830
Junior High, Holt School Building 517.694.7117
Latchkey, Childcare School Building 517.521.4499
Law & Government Academy, Gardner Leadership School Building 517.755.1120
Middle School, Chippewa School Building 517.706.4800
Middle School, Dansville School Building 517.623.6120 x227
Middle School, Haslett School Building 517.339.8233
Middle School, Leslie School Building 517.589.8218
Middle School, MacDonald School Building 517.333.7600
Middle School, Mason School Building 517.676.6514
Middle School, Stockbridge School Building 517.851.7429
Middle School, Waverly School Building 517.321.7240
Middle School, Williamston School Building 517.655.4668
Middle/High School, Webberville School Building 517.521.3447
Montessori Academy, Wexford School Building 517.755.1740
Montessori Program, Okemos Public School Building 517.706.5400
Performing Arts Academy, Pleasant View School Building 517.755.1600
School, Cornell School Building 517.706.5300
School, Kinawa School Building 517.706.4700
Services, Aquatic and Community School Building 517.655.7510
Woods, Bennett School Building 517.706.5100
Woods, Washington School Building 517.699.0250

Secondary Learning Center

Name Position Phone
Collins, Mark School Social Worker 517.244.1353
Heubel, Nancy Admin Assistant, EI Student Programs 517.244.1350
Knuth, Bill Teacher, EI, SLC 517.244.1386
Mayhew, Angela Teacher, EI, SLC 517.244.1392
Moore, Christopher Paraprofessional, EI 517.244.1350
Rived, Linda Teacher, EI, SLC 517.244.1388
Sigh, Marcus Teacher, E. I. 517.244.1390
Stokes-Wright, Lori Paraprofessional, SLC 517.244.1350
Sturdivant, Michael Paraprofessional, SLC 517.244.1391

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Acker, Sarah Playgroup Specialist, Early On 734.719.0612
Agler, Tim Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517.244.1448
Armbruster, Kristin Early Interventionist 517.648.1905
Austin, Wendi Teacher, Special Education, SAIL Program 517.244.1312
Baldwin, Amy Data Support Technician & Admin Assistant, SIS 517.244.1208
Beuchert, Daniel Teacher, Science 517.342.2692
Beuchert, Dawn Administrative Assistant, Clinic, HWS 517.244.1420
Bondsteel, Nicole Teacher, SXI, HWS 517.244.1456
Booth, Lisa Teacher, Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 517.896.5323
Boyce, Wendy Great Start Collaborative Co-Coord and Specialist 517.244.1246
Bushre, Brianna Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517.244.1449
Chapman, JuLee Program Specialist 517.244.1427
Clark, Jill Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1455
Cooper, David Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1320
Corson, Timothy Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1458
Couturier, Liz Occupational Therapist 517.244.1424
Coward, Debra Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1456
DeLong, Patricia Occupational Therapist, EO 517.303.9768
Dickie, Renee Administrative Assistant, Staff Services, HWS 517.244.1406
Diener, Ashley Teacher of the Speech and Language Impaired 517.244.1408
Dodson, Sara Teacher, Special Education, HWS 517.244.1448
Eifert, Pamela Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1312
Fitzgerald, Marie Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517.244.1456
Fraley, Amanda Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517.342.2692
Frank, Paul Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517.244.1478
Gill, Lori Teacher, Speech & Language Impaired 734.386.0491
Green, Kerstyn Teacher, Special Education, HWS 517.244.1374
Halsey, Brian Paraprofessional, SLC (.5) & Evergreen (.5) 517.244.1350
Hansen, Kellee Teacher, SE, HWS
Harmon-Kenroy, Charlys Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1320
Hart, Sarah Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1439
Henrikson, Victoria Paraprofessional, EI, Ing Academy 517.342.2692
Hluchaniuk, Shannon Paraprofessional, ASD 517.655.2855
Hodges, Kayla Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.4520
Janicki, Joanne Physical Therapist 517.244.1419
John, Dillon Paraprofessional, EI 517.342.2692
Joiner, Robyn Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1455
Jones, Jameel Paraprofessional, EI, MWS 517.244.1489
Jordan, Rabecca Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1450
Kerns, Debra Admin Asst, Student Support Svcs & Early Child 517.244.4514
Kindel, Rebecca Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1449
Knight, Yolanda Paraprofessional, EI, MWS 517.244.1350
Konietzko, Kelly Occupational Therapist 517.574.1163
Kribs, Sara Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1320
LaCross, Tara Speech & Language Pathologist 517.282.2281
LaLonde, Melissa Speech & Language Pathologist , EO 231.680.0774
Lamke, Jamie Paraprofessional 517.244.1443
Lantzy, Stacy Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1445
LaRoe, Chris Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517.244.1443
Lennox, Bonnie Speech Pathologist 517.295.3725
Love, Rebecca Physical Therapy Assistant 517.244.1419
Lund, Elizabeth Teacher, Mathematics 517.342.2692
Lureau, Lynn Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1422
Lycos, Denise Director, Emotionally Impaired and Adjudicated Youth Programs 517.244.1354
Martin, Brandon Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1454
Meyer, Cheryl Occupational Therapy Assistant 517.244.1424
Miller, Amy Speech & Language Pathologist , EO 517.525.0129
Miller, Linda Teacher, Autism Spectrum Disorder 517.655.2855
Neeb, Sara Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1454
Nohel, Kayla Paraprofessional, ASD 517.655.2855
Perconti, Roberta Executive Director, Student Instructional Services 517.244.1213
Puleo, Annette Teacher, E.I. 517.244.1305
Putman, Julianna Teacher of the Speech and Language Impaired 517.244.1409
Ramos, Angela Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1320
Ray, Julie Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1457
Reed, LeeAnn Teacher, English/Language Arts 517.342.2692
Rice, Timicka Paraprofessional, Ingham Academy 517.342.2692
Rodriguez, Helen Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1454
Rutan, Michelle Transition Coordinator/Consultant 269.599.3326
Sand, Steve School Nurse, HWS 517.244.1420
Shepard, Jennifer Health Services Aide 517.244.1448
Showers, Kirk Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1422
Showers, Scott Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1450
Snapp, Erin Paraprofessional, AI 517.333.7870
Steen, Zarrin-Taj Teacher, Social Studies 517.342.2692
Stewart, Jennifer Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1445
Voss, Nancy Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1312
Weatherly, Marybeth Teacher, Early Childhood Special Education 517.648.1901
White, Hanedra Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.4520
Whitman, Liisa Paraprofessional, HWS 517.333.7870
Wieger, Rebecca Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1449
Williams, Phyllis Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1458
Wyatt, William Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1422
Wyngarden, Jessica Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1403
Yeomans, Jamie Playgroup Specialist, Early On 517.648.1917
Young, Susann Paraprofessional, Health Services Aide 517.244.1403
Zink, Pam Administrative Assistant, Student Services, HWS 517.244.1401
Zoumbaris, Miranda Early Interventionist 517.898.5633

St. Vincent's Home

Name Position Phone
Argenta, Marianne Teacher, St. Vincent 517.323.4734
Chilcote, Lois Paraprofessional, St. Vincent 517.323.4734
Platt, Eileen Paraprofessional, St. Vincent 323.4734 x1331
Schultheiss, James Teacher, EI, St. Vincent 517.323.4734 x1331

Student Instructional Services

Name Position Phone
Colligan, Laura Director, Elementary Education 517.244.1258
Couturier, Richard Education Evaluation Regional Coordinator & Facilitator 517.244.4527
Dyer, Stephanie MiBLISi Content Specialist 517.244.1282
Foster, Lisa Early Childhood Specialist 517.244.4513
Martin, Lanea MTSS Consultant 517.244.4528
Morsi, Courtenay Instructional Data Innovation Consultant 517.244.4523
Proebstle, Shelly Literacy Consultant, K-12 517.244.1281
Quinn, Chris Admin Assistant, Student Instructional Services 517.244.1285
Ruh, Michelle Literacy Consultant, K-12 517.244.1394
Sheridan, Kathryn Admin Assistant, Student Instructional Services 517.244.1282
Slee, Lara School Improvement Facilitator and MTSS Coach & Academic Coach 517.244.1244
Wegenke, Mary Jo Literacy Consultant, Pre-K-3 517.244.1249
Whitmore, Tennille MiBLISi Technical Assistance Partner 517.244.1270
Williams, Sean Director, Secondary Education 517.244.1271

Student Support Services

Name Position Phone
Allen, Abby Director, Itinerant Services 517.244.1272
Anderson, Bonnie Teacher, Ingham Academy 517.342.2692
Andrews, Christian Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1439
Barnstable, Jennifer Speech Pathologist 517.231.5292
Basore, Lisa Teacher Consultant, ASD 517.749.8621
Becker-Utess, Tara Academic Consultant 517.244.1224
Bickerstaff, Jane Audiologist 517.614.2125
Blanchard, Anja Physical Therapist 517.449.7047
Block, Douglas School Social Worker 517.488.2054
Bond, Nicholas Instructor, Project SEARCH 616.426.9137
Booth, Philip Assistive Technology Consultant 517.230.0848
Burling, Karen Teacher Consultant, Students with ASD 616.288.4764
Coelho, Denise Kee School Social Worker 517.281.6015
Diedrich, Mary Speech & Language Pathologist 517.521.3071 x209
Dishman, Diane Data Technician, SE & Early Childhood Records 517.244.1283
Dobbs, Kimberly Administrative Assistant, Clinic, HWS 517.244.1420
Dole, Jeff Teacher, Mathematics 517.342.2692
Donovan, Tearra Paraprofessional, EI, St. Vincent 517.323.4734
DuFour, Allison Teacher, Autism Spectrum Disorder 517.244.1439
Elert, Rachel Teacher Consultant, Hearing Impaired 1.517.474.7101
Farmer, Diana Teacher Consultant, Special Education 517.525.5912
Fedokovitz, Krisan School Psychologist 517.618.1987
Fickies, Tammy Occupational Therapist 517.851.7735x3106
Fisher, Mary Jill Physical Therapist 517.927.9319
Forsberg, Jane Teacher Consultant, Hearing Impaired 517.285.3577
Forster, Kendra Teacher, Autism Spectrum Disorder 517.244.4520
Fowler, Jodie Occupational Therapist 406.285.1259
Gehl, Ellen Speech & Language Pathologist 517.712.0149
Harrington, Lanette Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1456
Harris, Shelly Admin Assistant, EI Student Programs 517.342.2692
Hausbeck-Miller, Kathleen Audiologist 616.826.0190
Hill, John Paraprofessional 517.244.1312
Hill, Olivia Paraprofessional, Heartwood School 517.244.1443
Jacob, Christine School Psychologist 321.7240 x2216
Johnson, Amy Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired 912.661.0863
Kaufman, Nicole Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517.614.8582
Kaylor, Julie School Social Worker 517.712.5458
Kogut, Jenna Teacher, SE
Lee, Deborah Paraprofessional 517.333.7870
Longshore, Beth Temporary Technical Assistant 517.244.1247
Mainz, Janet T/C Hearing Impaired 517.258.0442
McKee, Eileen School Psychologist 989.787.0387
Meade, Ann Speech & Language Pathologist 989.249.3580
Meyer, Susan Director, ASD Programs and Itinerant Services 517.244.1410
Minshall, Leanne Admin Asst, Student Support Svcs & Early Child 517.244.1298
Mustaine, Christopher Teacher, Physical Education 517.342.2692
Pakonen-Zubal, Mya Occupational Therapist 517.648.5666
Pearce, Danielle Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1374
Perrin, Susan Teacher, Adaptive Physical Education 517.643.2216
Pushman, Tatiana Teacher Specialist, Visually Impaired 305.962.6974
Rable, Andrew Executive Director, Student Support Services 517.244.1263
Redman, Danielle GSRP Technician & Admin Asst, Early Childhood 517.244.1381
Remington, Breah School Social Worker 331.218.3516
Riddle, Ruthie Equity Specialist, MiBLISi 517.244.1270
Ridley, Tiffany Paraprofessional, HWS 517.244.1374
Rominiecki, Antoinette Paraprofessional, SAIL Program 517.244.1320
Rosa-Derdowski, Michelle Teacher Consultant, ASD 517.655.4668 x6610
Sabo, Michelle School Psychologist 517.244.1469
Schroeder, Kari Occupational Therapist, EO 616.303.1589
Sell, Angie Occupational Therapist 517.449.8047
Simmons, Ellen Occupational Therapist 517.898.5190
Slocum, Amber Teacher, SE, HWS 517.244.1457
Smith, Tina Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired 517.282.8300
Spedoske, Katy Speech and Language Pathologist 989.455.1189
Stephenson, Robert STEM Consultant 517.244.1242
Sundholm, Jessica Speech Pathologist 517.798.6536
Swab, Jacqueline Paraprofessional, Programs for Cognitive and/or Physically Impaired 517.244.4520
Sweet-House, Kelly Administrative Assistant 517.244.1314
Theis, Nancy MTSS Implementer / School Psychologist 517.230.9068
Torres, Lori Speech & Language Pathologist 989.249.3577
Tsang, Kenneth Occ Therapist and Assistant Technology Consultant 517.977.2453
Turke, Stacy Occupational Therapist 517.898.5210
Vince, Libby School Psychologist 616.606.5081
Walker, Donna Occupational Therapist 517.648.2168
Warren, Bruce School Psychologist 517.899.0221
Weber, Kristi Physical Therapist 517.244.1375
Weston, Wanda Teacher Consultant, Students with ASD 517.282.7871
Wing, Ashley Admin Asst, Itinerants, Student Support Services 517.244.1375
Wing, Kristine School Social Worker 616.676.7332
Winslow, Sarah Supervisor, SE Transition Programs and Services 517.244.1210
Wolfe, Christina Physical Therapist 517.230.3133
Zivsak, Michael School Social Worker 517.281.5935

Superintendent's Office

Name Position Phone
Koenigsknecht, Scott Superintendent 517.244.1214
Weathers, Barb Executive Assistant 517.244.1230


Name Position Phone
Baker, Theresa Transportation Routing Specialist 517.244.4512
DeBruler, Linda Transportation Routing Specialist 517.244.4524
DeJongh, Joy Transportation Routing Specialist 517.244.1255
Moore, Tracey Transportation Coordinator 517.244.1293

Name Position Phone
Elementary, Cavanaugh 517.755.1250