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Public Relations and Communications provides leadership for creating, executing, and supporting strategic and multi-faceted communication efforts between Ingham ISD and its many constituencies. Public Relations and Communications also works to advance the ISD’s role and reputation as an authoritative voice in the educational arena.

Public Relations and Communications serves internal and external constituents by...

  • providing professional communication, public relations and marketing expertise to staff and constituents.
  • establishing and maintaining quality control content and visual standards for Ingham ISD in both the electronic and print media.
  • building and fostering collaborative relationships with Ingham ISD departments, constituents and stakeholders to further pre-K-12 education in the region.
  • serving as district liaison with the news media and formulating strategies to work proactively with the media.
  • developing and implementing student outreach efforts to raise awareness of educational choices offered through Ingham ISD.
  • identifying opportunities to support organizational and constituent initiatives and develop appropriate programs of action to advance these efforts.


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Stacy Adado
Communications Specialist
Anna Lowe
Receptionist and Public Relations & Communications Administrative Assistant
Micki O'Neil
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Sara Parkinson
Communication Specialist
Lonnie Thomas
Admin Assistant, Public Relations & Communications
Sam Warrian
Videographer and Digital Media Technician